Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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 UPDATED: October 6, 2020

Hello everyone! 

Update complete! These are the pages for sale right now. All new additional pages are as indicated.

I haven't included all the titles that Gerry worked on for now, so if there are pages that you like that are not in this update, please contact me for inquiries at ilynflorese@gmail.com. Thanks!

by Ilyn Florese-Alanguilan


Hello! Gerry Alanguilan here, inker for Marvel Comics.

I'm selling a bunch of original inks I did mostly over Leinil Yu from projects I've done with him over the last couple of decades. They're just piling up at home and I thought to let go most of them.

These pages are inked on blue line printouts of mostly Leinil Francis Yu's pencils (unless otherwise indicated.) Leinil created the pencils mostly digitally (unless indicated), so for most of these pages the inked art is the only physical copy. These are inked on either Marvel Paper, vellum or on 11x17 Bevania Splendorgel Acid Free 300gsm paper using blue ink, and then I inked them. These are the inks that were used in publishing the comic book.

Also included are original pages from my personal works WASTED, TIMAWA and ELMER.

Click on the links below to see a gallery of what's available. Rates are in US Dollars.

We can hold reservations up to 7 days only. Sorry for this, but there have been those who reserved pages who don't get back to us for months.

If there is any specific page you are looking for, it can be made available for sale. Please email us with details.

by Gerry




PAYMENT within the Philippines can be made through bank deposit, and pages will be packed flat inside in a specially made envelope between two illustration boards. 

SHIPPING is done via LBC and starts at P350 depending on location in the Philippines.


PAYMENT from outside the Philippines can be made via bank transfer. PayPal is NOT available right now.

SHIPPING abroad starts at US$65 upwards, depending on location, via Philippine Post Office's Express Mail Service which is the least expensive registered mailing service available. Shipping time would be delayed because of pandemic-related travel limitations. Just to give you an idea: the most recent package sent to the USA was received after 5 weeks from posting date. For now, we are assuming that it's the shortest delivery time. Please check PhlPost's facebook page for updates on outbound international express mail for your country.

This page will be updated regularly with new galleries so check back often!

All correspondence: ilynflorese@gmail.com

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